Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance, Exactly?

When you understand website maintenance and what it is good for, your business wins. First, it is what it sounds like, which is keeping your site up to date with software patches, security releases and that sort of thing. Once that is completed, our world class projects team analyzes each element of your site, from page load speed to search engine optimization and site conversion rate. From this, we derive the “Golden Metric”, which is the answer the question: Is this site actually achieving the purpose for which it was built? Some examples of Golden Metric: number of contact forms completed, number of xyz product purchased, site revenue, site traffic, or some specific combination of individual measurables.

WordPress / Magento Maintenance Plans

We have experience on a wide variety of content management systems, and we have website maintenance plans designed specifically for

Magento Maintenance &
WordPress Maintenance

We also maintain a large number of custom PHP / MySQL sites. Our web projects desk is staffed every day during working hours, and we usually resolve non-urgent requests around within 48 hours. Our web support desk is online 24 / 7 for urgent needs and questions.

More on the Golden Metric

Even within our WordPress and Magento website maintenance plans, the maintenance period is customized depending on the site’s most important goals. For instance, if the site is for a large corporate website, we may be looking at traffic for a certain vertical or product, where as for a large non-profit website, we may be measuring the effectiveness of a recent donation campaign or monitoring specific strategic pages within the site for activity. So while all sites need to be fast, have clear conversion goals, and make an excellent impression on visitors, the details sometimes vary. Our plans are flexible enough to accommodate our wide variety of businesses and non-profit organization clients.

Do you have a specific question about how your website can be best maintained for a long and profitable life? Get in touch – we’d love to hear about it.