Website Hosting

We have found that we can work most efficiently and maximize client budget when we know the underlying server systems extremely well. It saves time with configuration and communication with support staff, and we can generally accommodate a much wider range of customization and optimization for individual client needs. That’s why we began hosting our client sites in dedicated data centers many years ago, and said goodbye to the incessant problems associated with mass-market shared hosting.

At the present time, we host websites only for our design and maintenance clients. We have custom hosting solutions targeted toward the specific needs of WordPress and Magento websites. Our hosting rates start at $9.95/ month and every package includes 24 / 7 hosting support from knowledgeable, courteous engineers and technicians. We also back up your data multiple times daily and employ corporate grade firewalls and security software to keep your website safe, fast and reliable. If you have any questions about our hosting and data center solutions, just drop us a line.