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Unique Needs

Partnering with nonprofitsWe start each web design project by listening to you, because we know every organization is different, and the rewards are endless from early communication and goal setting. We structure the project around your needs and budget, to best partner with you in developing your web presence. We are passionate about working with nonprofits, and are dedicated to our many clients and their online health.

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What are the specific web design and web development needs for your nonprofit?

Spread awareness of your mission and activate support

We can put together a simple and powerful site that connects you with a variety of donation channels. We can also build more complex interfaces for interactivity, such as paid memberships and community forums. Who is using your site and how can their needs best be met, keeping in mind accessibility, web standards, and your board’s requirements? We build websites with a clear purpose, whose functionality can be measured.

SEO for Nonprofits

It is surprising what a few tweaks to your website can do to boost search rankings and help you reach the right audience. We work with the latest SEO technologies, and some of the most sophisticated tools (like Google Analytics) are free and can be easily installed on a dashboard for you to monitor your efforts to build relationships and engage supporters. We can also provide an in-depth SEO audit and competitive analysis, to help the right people find out about your organization, and to focus their interest into meaningful action.

Plan for the Future

A good content management system (CMS) allows your team to add pages and update information quickly and easily. We primarily use WordPress, with only the most necessary and stable plugins. We build sites that are not only easy-to-use, but also flexible and adaptable for future enhancements. If your website is out-of-date, on an inaccessible platform, or simply lost to the ether — let us know, and we can help you get back on track.

Helpful Tips for Designing a Nonprofit Website

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Redesign or Build Your Nonprofit Website from the Ground Up by Experts

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