What about social media? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

Social media is an excellent way to find your audience. It also helps them to find you, since social media is an excellent way to boost your website’s organic search presence. There is a social media platform for every business, non-profit, organization, and individual.
Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram; each offers something different. We can help guide you to choose the appropriate social media platform for your website. It is also important to integrate social media in a way that is most effective for your message. Your audience most certainly has its own cultural habits, and you have limited energy – you can’t be everything to everyone.

Pinterest is great for online clothing and accessories, and things that inspire “oohs” and “aahs” because of how they look. Twitter is just right for short, time-sensitive businesses; traits often shared by news agencies, universities and larger non-profits. We generally recommend one or two social media platforms to kick off the site strategy depending on what exactly we are trying to accomplish.

We have implemented a large variety of social media solutions, from basic features such as “Like” buttons to complex social feeds that display your latest Tweets and Posts right on your website. But those only scratch the surface; some of the more important tools are social media account login integration and page streaming. Social media advertising can also have great application in certain situations. We enjoy discussing this sort of thing, so pick up the phone and let’s talk social media for your business or non-profit.