Plugins to Increase WordPress Performance

WordPress is renowned for its almost limitless ability to add features through plugins. With a plugin repository growing daily, it is tempting to add a massive amount of bells and whistles to your site. Custom themes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), fancy menus, events management, and state of the art Ecommerce are all available with just … Read more

Choosing a New WordPress Theme: Custom Design vs. Premium

One of the great features of WordPress is that the content (data) and presentation (look and feel) are separated, making it relatively easy to change the ‘skin’ of your website without making any changes to the content you already have in place.  While all of the content for your site is stored in the WordPress … Read more

Increasing your SEO rankings through Social Media and Yoast

WordPress is an often overlooked aspect of web design.  So much effort and planning goes into creating a visually pleasant experience for our human users that we forget that web crawlers care about actual content rather than presentation. While SEO may seem daunting, implementing it is easier than one might think. Increasing your rankings with … Read more

How Advanced Custom Fields can take your WordPress Custom Content to the Next Level

Advanced Custom Fields is my go to WordPress plugin for WordPress customization. There are quite a few plugins that can help you develop custom content for WordPress, but in my opinion this plugin stands far ahead of the pack. It is feature rich, the UI is beautiful, it is stable and easy to work with, … Read more

Incorporate WordPress blogs on Magento

Magento e-commerce is the leading open source e-commerce platform for high-revenue sites. It has unparalleled power and features out of the box, making it the best choice for high-volume retail sites with thousands of products. However, the main drawback to Magento is its rather lousy content management system (CMS) that pales in comparison to WordPress. … Read more

Import WordPress Content Easily with WP All Import

Getting a large amount of content, data, images and files into WordPress can prove time consuming to say the least. Often people do it manually, carefully setting up each post and page, copy and pasting each bit of content into its new location, and then painstakingly uploading all of the media the pages require. This is … Read more

Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure in an Insecure World

With data breaches, hacks, identity theft, and cyber espionage becoming near-constant fixtures in the news, the very idea of cybersecurity is beginning to look somewhat suspect. After all, if megalithic institutions like the US Federal Government, Sony, and Target can’t cover their bases, what hope does your website have in protecting its data? This can … Read more

Converting to WordPress from Joomla or Drupal

Over the last 13 years that we’ve been building great websites for great people, we’ve worked with dozens of different content management systems (CMS).  Of these, the platforms that we’ve worked with the most are the ‘big three’:  WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.  As of this writing, WordPress accounts for 58.7% of the market share of … Read more

Why is WordPress so popular?

You may have noticed that WordPress is powering so many modern websites (23% of all websites to be exact). WordPress can be found running independent blogs written by your neighbor, to notable brands like The New Yorker or BBC America. But why is WordPress so popular? Easy To Use WordPress is user friendly and intuitive … Read more