Top Reasons for having a WordPress development site

WordPress remains the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, mostly due to the ease in which the site can be customized. There are limitless possibilities as to what one can do with a WordPress site, from selling products via WooCommerce to hosting membership-based forums. The low cost of most WordPress plugins and … Read more

Using a CDN (content delivery network) with Magento, WordPress or any website

If you are a Magento or WordPress website owner you have undoubtedly heard about CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) as an essential ingredient in your site’s load speed and overall performance. However, you probably were too focused on creating content and running your web business to pay much attention to what may seem to be yet … Read more

Why your password is lousy


Passwords: everybody loves them and hates them Few things in modern life are more irritating than creating a new password for a website you just joined. Perhaps you just signed up for the latest music streaming service and are itching to try it out, but there it is: the dreaded password box. It is the … Read more

Advanced WordPress Security Techniques

In previous posts we have examined some solid WordPress security fundamentals such as keeping software up to date and using strong passwords at all times. However, for those who are especially security-minded there are some advanced techniques that can significantly amplify your security posture. Two Factor Authentication Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is increasingly becoming a … Read more

Magento Patches: Keeping your Magento 1.x store secure

Magento is one of our favorite E-commerce platforms, and many store owners around the world agree. No open source E-commerce solution is as scalable, robust, and feature-rich. However, with these advantages comes increased complexity, and its ever-increasing popularity attracts unsavory sorts who seek out to exploit any vulnerabilities that may be present in the vary … Read more

Starting an Ecommerce Store? Some things to consider before you begin.

Think you are ready to set up your own online store? Here are some things you should consider before you begin the development process. Tax and Shipping Collecting sales tax and determining the optimal shipping methods are probably the least glamorous aspects of selling online, but they are very important to establishing an online business. … Read more

Staying One Step Ahead of WordPress Hackers

The importance of keeping WordPress up to date On February 1, 2017 WordPress announced that the most recent version of the WordPress core included a security fix. Since WordPress is updated regularly and most updates contain some sort of security patch, very little attention was paid at first. However, within days the number of reported … Read more