WordPress Maintenance and SEO Package

One of our most popular and often-requested services, WordPress Maintenance and SEO is a good fit for anyone with a WordPress website. We measure what matters and keep your site healthy for the long run.

Your WordPress website is a valuable asset worth maintaining.

WordPress is a powerful and user-friendly content management system. and it is perfectly reasonable to expect the same WordPress website that you operate today to be modern, up to date five years from now – with a completely different design if need be. That’s why we use WordPress in more than 50% of new development work here at Watermelon. We think that it is one of the most flexible and powerful website platforms ever. Lots of people agree with us – 27% of the internet runs on WordPress. Sites such as Sony Music, CNN, Google Ventures and the New Yorker magazine use WordPress.

Because it is so popular, it is also a popular target for malware, hacking and other online mischief that can cause site owners a lot of problems. We offer our clients a monthly package that includes security updates to the WordPress core as well as all site plugins. Once those are in good repair, they are generally easy for us to maintain, so we apply any remaining time in the WordPress maintenance and SEO package to updating the site to make sure that it is semantically friendly and that all off-site referrers (Facebook and social media, but also off-site directories, forums and other sources that help increase Google’s regard for your site) are up to date and that text for each off-site referrer is optimally written to reflect digital marketing goals for the site. This maximizes the value of this plan to our clients.

Our standard WordPress Maintenance and SEO Package package includes the following:

WordPress Maintenance:

  1. Detailed scan of site for malware, and correction of any existing issues.  This particular item essentially acts as insurance against any unexpected issues that develop on the site (ie.  If you have a monthly service package with us, there will be no additional charge for any work we do to mitigate such problems, should they occur).
  2. Detailed scan of site for error logs, and report of any existing issues and recommended corrective action.
  3. Updating, configuration, and testing of WordPress core and plugins (when appropriate).  Generally speaking, it is best to have the latest version of all plugins and software installed on the site.  With some plugins, this is not always the case, especially in the case of customizations.  Each month we will do a detailed scan of each plugin and software package to make sure it is healthy and compatible with the version of WordPress installed on the site.
  4. Updating the theme installed on the site, and verifying that there are no compatibility issues with the latest version of WordPress and plugins.
  5. Perform W3C code validation on the site to ensure any newly added content/code meets the The World Wide Web Consortium standards (this is important for forward compatibility and for search engine’s ability to recognize targeted content).
  6. Full review of Google Webmaster Tools to check for any search indexing issues.  This includes mobile usability auditing, sitemap installation and monitoring, structured data review, crawls errors review and analysis, and a number of other search engine related health checks.
  7. Review disk space and bandwidth usage to ensure current hosting package is appropriate, and investigate and correct any issues (core dump files, error logs, etc.).
  8. Review site performance and apply gzip compression and browser caching, if appropriate.  Run performance analysis and provide recommendations on techniques to improve performance.

SEO Updates:

  1. Establish and monitor of search engine ranking and listing goals including reports on page rank, traffic, etc. (using WordPress SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Moz).
  2. Ongoing SEO work to include: page content keyword analysis and recommendations (includes file names, header markup, keyword density), schema.org markup for addresses/business name/etc., competitive analysis and recommendations.
  3. Off-site maintenance. This includes Google Local, Facebook, Twitter, DMOZ and other directories as well as the off-site resources that are tailored for your industry / business.

Each month we provide you with a detailed report on the above items and a list of recommendations.  Below is a blank report template showing the items covered during maintenance.

We work with each of our clients individually to determine appropriate goals and business success factors for a given site. Get in touch so that we can discuss what will work best for your site.

WordPress Maintenance and SEO Report Sample.docx