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Building a website can be challenging. Redesigning an existing website can present even more challenges. An established site with pre-existing content and a live user-base raises the stakes. Get help from the team of friendly expert web developers at Watermelon Web Works. We incorporate your existing content into the new design with minimal contextual changes. Change too little and your website doesn’t improve; change too much and your visitors are thrown out of sync. The website redesign process is a narrow, winding path that Watermelon knows how to navigate well.

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Our redesign proposals are designed to improve key aspects of your website:

Working With What's Given

As your website grows larger, it also grows more rigid. The more content you add, the more you lock yourself into your current design. When it comes time to redesign, you do not want to spend hours and hours reformatting or rewriting your content to match an aesthetic update. Our experts can redesign your website in such a way that it works with the existing content format, saving time and money in the long run.

Knowledge of Modern Best Practices

Most people redesign their website because it looks outdated. You want a website that looks new and modern, but what exactly is modern design, anyway? Without a bit of foresight and a bunch of knowledge of modern design best practices, it can be easy to come out of a redesign with a site that looks worse than it did originally. Watermelon’s developers are constantly building and designing websites, and have extensive knowledge of the most widely-used website design and user interface elements.

Migrating Content Across Software

Sometimes your website looks fine on the front end, but hides a total mess on the back end. Maybe you’ve been using Drupal and really wish you could have your same site on WordPress. Our extensive knowledge of website frameworks and content management systems puts Watermelon in a strong position for facilitating transitions between different back end site software.

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