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We are Expert Javascript Developers in Portland, OR.

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Our programmers specialize in implementing custom javascript. Whether it is new front-end functionality or an update to an old script that’s no longer working, our team is ready to handle your coding needs.

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Here are the areas we cover:

Custom Front End Solutions

Adding custom animations and interactive features to your website is going to require javascript. We have extensive experience building custom applications that engage users while simultaneously solving their problems. Let us help you build a custom tool that will benefit both your website and your visitors.

Debugging Services

Did a script suddenly stop working on your website? Need to extend a javascript-based feature while maintaining backwards-compatibility? We have experience working with and updating existing code bases, so you can expand on older functionality.

Javascript Frameworks

We are familiar with a vast array of javascript libraries. Whether you are looking for a jQuery expert or an Angular developer, we have specialists that can meet your needs. Interested in using javascript on your server? Ask us about Node. We are always learning and have worked with some obscure frameworks; if you’re using a codebase without a lot of existing support, we are always up for a new challenge.

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