How can I be sure my site is secure? And hey, what’s PCI compliance?

These days, PCI compliance is front and center for any website that accepts payments. We take measures to protect our clients from a wide range of website hacking and cyber attacks via many different standards that are implemented from the web server as well as on specific websites. One key to maintaining security and PCI compliance on the site is to keep the site updated with the most recent patches and software updates. We have maintenance plans specifically tailored for the needs of Magento and WordPress.

In addition, each website is backed up several times daily. In the unlikely event that a website needs to be restored, we can usually accomplish this in a matter of minutes.

Our hosted sites use the latest in firewall and server security technologies and other techniques to keep hackers at bay. We employ secure encryption on all pages where sensitive data is transferred. Our passwords conform to certain rules for complexity, and we never, ever store credit card information on our servers.