How can I keep my website safe from hackers?

Website security is one of those things that must be done ahead of time if you expect it to work, and that requires a lot of experience. We have secured countless hacked websites since 2002, and in our WordPress Maintenance Security and Performance plan / Magento Maintenance Package, we have developed a systematic approach that we back with a guarantee… read more →

My Magento or WordPress website has been hacked – can you help?

In a word: yes Contact us here if you have a hacked website. Unfortunately, it is common for us to have the dubious honor of meeting a new client by untangling a hacked WordPress or Magento website. We understand the anxiety and stress that a hacked website can cause. In most cases we get a hacked website back online the… read more →

How will I know how many people are visiting my site?

Most sites that we work on with clients are optimized for search engines. All of our websites are equipped with a state-of-the-art analytics package that will let you know who is visiting your site, and what they are doing when they are on the site. You will be able to know how they found your website (search engine results, links… read more →

I have several Magento or WordPress websites that I’d like to manage from one place. Is that possible?

WordPress¬†Multisite networks enable management of many WordPress sites from a single dashboard. These can be configured as domains names that are completely distinct from one another or as subdomains or as directories on the original website. As you can imagine, this is extremely cost-effective for implementing several sites (we manage networks of more than 50 sites) because the primary WordPress… read more →

How can I be sure my site is secure? And hey, what’s PCI compliance?

These days, PCI compliance is front and center for any website that accepts payments. We take measures to protect our clients from a wide range of website hacking and cyber attacks via many different standards that are implemented from the web server as well as on specific websites. One key to maintaining security and PCI compliance on the site is… read more →

What about credit cards?

We have a wide array of solutions to enable easy payment with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal on your website... The most popular solution for accepting credit cards from your customers via your website is - we partner with and E-Online Data directly with many clients, so we are able to get competitive rates (even better for… read more →

What about social media? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

Social media is an excellent way to find your audience. It also helps them to find you, since social media is an excellent way to boost your website's organic search presence. There is a social media platform for every business, non-profit, organization, and individual. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram; each offers something different. We can help guide you to choose… read more →

Can I modify my existing website to sell products?

In short, yes! We have experience with a wide variety of E-commerce platforms. including Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Joomla VirtueMart, Drupal E-commerce, and many many more. Sometimes it is most practical to use a different website platform just for the e-commerce portion of the site, and sometimes we can simply upgrade your existing site. We make it easy for you to… read more →