Why you need a Landing page and not just a Home page

Search engine optimization can be so tricky. If you’re trying to educate yourself, you will read lots of different things from different people. That’s why we share only SEO knowledge that we’ve gained through direct experience. Enhancing your website’s performance with a landing page falls into that category of search engine optimization. Instead of a … Read more

Local SEO & Google Authorship: two must-use strategies

There’s an online marketing joke, “A SEO writer walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…” Fortunately, those days are almost over. Google is constantly trying to improve their search results with updates to their search algorithm. With each change, online marketers are forced to adapt their tactics. There are two … Read more

Better Business Through Blogging with WordPress: Why Your Business Needs a Blog

No matter what your business, having a blog on your website and actively blogging is one of the best things you can do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to help build your brand.  We love the flexibility and ease of implementation that WordPress offers as a blogging platform (did you know that you can … Read more

Website redesign

Reasons for website redesign range from “Our current website is keeping us from achieving our business goals” to “Hey, why do we still have a spinning globe on this website? Is it 1999?” and everything in between.  Regardless of the motivation for a site redesign, we at Watermelon Web Works bring twelve years of experience … Read more

Structured Data, and Why Your Website Needs it

Structured data is a new tool for the search engine optimization web developer, and something that you absolutely need to be using in order to keep your site at the top of search engine results. There are three main kinds of structured data available for use: microdata, microformats, and RDFa. Since microdata is the structured … Read more

Information Architecture with SEO in Mind

Many sites start off small and slowly expand over time, adding more items to the navigation, adding drop-downs, sub-pages, and more. This will often lead to a site structure and navigation that has grown naturally instead of being constructed deliberately. Sort of like when you neglect a garden and it becomes overgrown with weeds. Spending … Read more