WooCommerce Customer Engagement

Website visits and WooCommerce customer engagement are without a doubt essential for your growing your business.  But blanket email blasts and re-marketing campaigns are only part of the solution. You can’t be certain your email blast will be relatable to every member of your segmented email marketing list.  Advertisement campaigns and user tracking help, but … Read more

Which Magento 2 hosting platform is right for my business?

If you are looking to build a powerhouse eCommerce site, you would certainly do well to harness the power of Magento 2. Built for scalability and custom implementation, with hundreds of marketplace addons ready to architect your site just how you need it, it is no wonder that Magento has risen from the masses to … Read more

Magento: the Importance of Lean Development Practices

Here at Watermelon, we regularly work with Magento (or WordPress) projects starting from the ground up by estimating project costs, implementing Content Management System (CMS) solutions, creating and deploying site designs, and working with product, customer, order, and content data for a variety of eCommerce, membership-driven and boutique web sites. Magento and WooCommerce are favorites … Read more

Protected Member Areas with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Notifications

Are you running a WordPress site that requires a secure user area with protected content? Do you have private content that only members of your association can access? Do you provide a fee-based business that has need-to-know documentation for your clients? WordPress doesn’t provide this feature by default, but it does provide user role access … Read more

What is A/B Testing and How Can It Benefit My Site?

A/B Testing is a digital marketing tactic that can help improve almost any aspect of your site. Whether you want to increase your conversion rate, keep users on your site for longer, or get visitors to view more pages on your website, A/B testing (also known as split testing) can help you achieve that goal. … Read more

Magento Patches: Keeping your Magento 1.x store secure

Magento is one of our favorite E-commerce platforms, and many store owners around the world agree. No open source E-commerce solution is as scalable, robust, and feature-rich. However, with these advantages comes increased complexity, and its ever-increasing popularity attracts unsavory sorts who seek out to exploit any vulnerabilities that may be present in the vary … Read more

Magento 2 Upgrade

Magento 2

Get the conversation started now. Update: Magento is providing security patches and support for Magento 1 through June 2020. Magento 2 was released late in 2015, but if you are like many of the thousands of Magento 1.9 shop owners, you have not yet upgraded. This being May of 2017, we are halfway through the upgrade cycle. That … Read more

The Road to Magento

e-commerce: from a cannabis sale to everyday use. “The seminal act of e-commerce” took place in 1971 over ARPANET (an ancestor of today’s internet). Of all things, it was used to arrange a cannabis sale between students at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It then took almost a decade for … Read more