Using the Eye’s Scanning Patterns on the Design of Your WordPress Site

Recent studies show that people are more likely to scan your WordPress site rather than going through each block of content one at a time. Thankfully, there are ways in which good design can use the eye’s natural scanning patterns to guide them to the most important elements. A 200 site study has found noticeable … Read more

The Importance of Great Photography on your WordPress site

There’s no way around it, we are visual creatures. That means an image on your WordPress site can communicate a thousand times more effectively in a moment than a paragraph of text. And we’re assuming that the viewer even took the time to read that paragraph. Why do we love images so much? Why do … Read more

Typography and Web Design

Often overlooked for its more exciting design counterparts, typography plays an integral part in creating the tone and overall experience of any successful website. As Oliver Reichenstein so astutely put it, “Web Design is 95% Typography”. So we better pay attention to how to do it well. The Basics Typography is the art and science … Read more

How Website Design Colors Affect Your Users

Website colors shouldn’t be chosen lightly. They need represent your brand, complement your site content, and evoke the right feelings in your visitors. We’re not saying that choosing the right color scheme for you will make or break your small business, but it can certainly have an effect. Say you were looking for some solar … Read more

Choosing the Best Website Layout Template for Your WordPress Project

The world of web design has become increasingly diverse. WordPress themes and plugins allow websites to change their layout and format with incredible ease compared to the web technologies of the past. The wide array of formatting options can be confusing when creating a new site, and often brings up several questions: What should my … Read more

Designing Smart Mobile Navigation with WordPress (or any platform)

In April of 2015, Google made a huge decision to boost rankings for mobile friendly web sites. This meant that web designers and developers everywhere had even more pressure to adopt mobile friendly design practices, so that their web site deployments would meet this requirement and thus improve their clients’ web presence. Watermelon Web Works … Read more

Optimizing Image Media with WordPress for better SEO and Site Speed

Images are indispensable rich media for a website, no matter the content: news, eCommerce, blogging, social networking, etc. Unfortunately, today’s standards of site speed and search engine ranking prioritize load times alongside quality content. And if you have to compete with another content provider, but your site load speed is abysmal, search engines will punish … Read more