Website contact information: a key to success

Obtaining contact info is a common reason for visiting a website. By evaluating the needs of your visitors, you can strategically present your contact information for the benefit of people and search engines. Know your visitors and the type of contact information they commonly desire. The hours of operation are important for a local restaurant, … Read more

WordPress SEO Improvements to Get More from your eCommerce Site

SEO can be a complex, lengthy process. Thankfully, there are some quick and easy SEO techniques that are so simple they should never be overlooked. With some easy to implement updates to WordPress you can dramatically improve your prospects for more traffic, more purchases, more engagement with your customers, and keep them coming back. Spending … Read more

Manage Events With WordPress

If you are involved in an organization that routinely hosts events and meetings, WordPress can make managing these events a breeze through the use of plugins such as WordPress Events Manager and Event Espresso. Forget about coordinating trips via tedious and confusing emails or selling tickets through awkward third party applications and take control of … Read more

The WordPress Form: How can I build mine so that people actually use it?

Forms. They are the worker bees of the internet. They allow your visitors to communicate with you. They turn that computer screen into a conversation with you and your company instead of just a spectator event. So knowing what makes forms tick is important. This blog post is all about some of the more interesting … Read more

Tips for making ecommerce shop management easier

Managing an ecommerce shop requires staying current on a variety of topics. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to stay up to date on orders, stock, questions, comments, security, and content management. With the help of useful tools built for your ecommerce system, you can setup your website to make important data more accessible. With some … Read more

Add 5 New Ways To Get Customer Feedback

One of the most important things a business can do to improve is listen to customer feedback. Instead of waiting for the occasional compliment or customer complaint, you can be pro-active and add more communication channels to facilitate feedback. Here are five of our favorite ways that customers can get in touch online. 1) Forums … Read more

WordPress Conference time – WordCamp 2014!

A couple of weeks ago Paul, Clint, and I attended WordCamp in San Fransisco.  WordCamps are held all over the world, but the annual one in San Fransisco is the big convention where WordPress experts and enthusiasts (okay, nerds) all get together to talk about new and exciting features of WordPress and the web in … Read more