How Advanced Custom Fields can take your WordPress Custom Content to the Next Level

Advanced Custom Fields is my go to WordPress plugin for WordPress customization. There are quite a few plugins that can help you develop custom content for WordPress, but in my opinion this plugin stands far ahead of the pack. It is feature rich, the UI is beautiful, it is stable and easy to work with, … Read more

Incorporate WordPress blogs on Magento

Magento e-commerce is the leading open source e-commerce platform for high-revenue sites. It has unparalleled power and features out of the box, making it the best choice for high-volume retail sites with thousands of products. However, the main drawback to Magento is its rather lousy content management system (CMS) that pales in comparison to WordPress. … Read more

Fixing Common Magento Upgrade Issues

Fixing Magento Upgrade Problems

Magento is one of the most powerful open source e-commerce platforms in use today. According to some reports it has the greatest market share of any Ecommerce system. Like any open source platform, Magento should be kept up to date for both security and performance reasons. However, the complex nature of Magento makes upgrading it … Read more

Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure in an Insecure World

With data breaches, hacks, identity theft, and cyber espionage becoming near-constant fixtures in the news, the very idea of cybersecurity is beginning to look somewhat suspect. After all, if megalithic institutions like the US Federal Government, Sony, and Target can’t cover their bases, what hope does your website have in protecting its data? This can … Read more

Converting to WordPress from Joomla or Drupal

Over the last 13 years that we’ve been building great websites for great people, we’ve worked with dozens of different content management systems (CMS).  Of these, the platforms that we’ve worked with the most are the ‘big three’:  WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.  As of this writing, WordPress accounts for 58.7% of the market share of … Read more

How to Ensure Your New Magento Site is SEO Ready

While we here at Watermelon love working with a variety of Content Management Systems including WordPress for specialized e-commerce solutions, we often want to offer clients the choice of Magento for sites that require a more robust and complex e-commerce configuration. There are many reasons why Magento is a clear leader in the field for … Read more

Creating Interactive Maps with WP Google Maps

Maps are something we often want to show on our sites. Whether it’s a map of business locations (a key feature of the best corporate website designs), major project sites, or member directories, there are always times we want to be able to create our own custom maps and display a list of notable locations … Read more