3 WordPress Plugins We Love

With cold winter weather in full swing and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d write about the WordPress plugins that make web developer nerds like us feel warm and fuzzy inside! WordFence Security In our opinion (and we’ve been doing this for 20+ years now), WordFence is the single best method to … Read more

Preparing Magento for the Holidays

The holiday season is a crucial time for every e-commerce site.  Almost everyone will do a sizable chunk of their annual business in November, December, and January.  Heading into a season like that, site preparedness is of the utmost importance, and touches on several different aspects of your site’s front-end and back-end to ensure a … Read more

WordPress Plugin Lifecycle

If you have a WordPress site you undoubtedly have a number of plugins installed on the site. Over time the number can build up and you start to lose track of what you have, forget the reason the plugin was there in the first place and things begin to complicate. Your WordPress Dashboard starts to … Read more