Website redesign

Reasons for website redesign range from “Our current website is keeping us from achieving our business goals” to “Hey, why do we still have a spinning globe on this website? Is it 1999?” and everything in between.  Regardless of the motivation for a site redesign, we at Watermelon Web Works bring twelve years of experience … Read more

Nonprofit website, how may I improve thee?

Websites for nonprofits have some requirements that are similar to all other websites and some requirements that are unique. Some of the similar requirements are: A highly memorable look and feel. Lots of nonprofits that we work with spend a lot of time fleshing out an appropriate mission statement. This is important work, and I … Read more

E-commerce: Improve Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates. If you are a seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur, you know them well. On an e-commerce site, in its simplest form, conversion rate means “how often do people buy from your store instead of just visiting it”. This list will give you one or two (or eleven) ways to increase your e-commerce conversion rate: Charging … Read more