How to Speed Up a WordPress Website

Slow WordPress Site

Are you frustrated by your slow WordPress site? Do you routinely receive emails from your user base complaining about the site speed? Fortunately there are many ways to speed up a WordPress website. There isn’t one magic bullet to solve all problems, but a combination of the below will get your site up to speed in no time.

User Testing: Find the Bugs in Your Website Before Your Customers Do

bug on leaf

Recently we provided some tips on successfully launching a Magento Ecommerce site. Regardless of what type of website your are building, there really is no better way to prepare for launch than allowing real users to interact with the site. User testing is an excellent way to find all the bugs you may have overlooked before your live customers discover them.

How to successfully launch a Magento Site

Magento Launch

Creating a Magento Ecommerce site is a very rewarding and challenging endeavor. You are likely very eager to launch the site at the end of the development process. Products are in place, the template is looking good, and all page content has been created. However, before you launch the site to an eagerly awaiting world, you should take the time to make sure the site is perfectly ready to go public. The following are some key aspects to a Magento site that should be thoroughly considered prior to launch.

Magento Integration with 3rd Party Applications

Magento Integration

A major consideration when creating an online store is connecting it to other applications required by your business. You may have accounting software that needs to be directly integrated with your Ecommerce store. Similarly, your inventory management software must be synced to the website for accurate stock levels. This may seem daunting, but fortunately Magento is more than ready to handle whatever integration challenge you may throw at it.

My business has a Facebook page, do I really need a website?

If you are one of the 80 million small businesses that have a Facebook page, you may question whether it is worth creating your own WordPress site. After all, Facebook is the third most visited website in the world with over 2 billion active users and doesn’t require any technical knowledge whatsoever to use. Why would someone bother with the expense and effort to create a standalone website? There are many reasons to do so, and relying on Facebook alone is a losing proposition.

How to Prevent Your Site’s Emails from Going to Spam

Virtually every website these days sends automated emails.  Whether it be for newsletter signups, Magento order confirmations, or forum posts on WordPress, your site will send out emails on a regular basis to your visitors. On occasion you may hear reports from your users that they are not receiving your site’s emails, or they are landing in their spam folders. Keep in mind that this info is coming from users who take the time to notify you directly; in reality a great number of users may be affected. Here are several techniques to eliminate your site’s emails from being marked as spam.

Common Website Development Roadbloacks


Creating a new website is a thrilling process. A website can go from back of envelope concept to launch in a short period of time if done correctly, especially if a user-friendly content management system like WordPress is used. However, more often than not a web development project will hit a sizeable roadblock or two along the way, turning that thrill into frustration. Here are some common pitfalls to progress that we have observed over the years.

5 Best Practices for Collecting Data on WordPress, Magento and other platforms

Data Collection

Most businesses and non-profit organizations rely on accurate and timely customer data to grow. Whether it be mailing lists, volunteer information, or customer trends, good data is the difference between success and frustration. In our 16+ years of experience working with clients and their data, we have seen a great variety of methods to obtain … Read more