MailChimp, one of the most popular and reliable email service providers, offers versatility and a wide range of useful features while still being fun and easy to use. Often, our clients here at Watermelon Web Works want to increase their market reach along with maintaining a consistent web presence. With MailChimp, it is easy to not … Read more

Increasing your SEO rankings through Social Media and Yoast

WordPress is an often overlooked aspect of web design.  So much effort and planning goes into creating a visually pleasant experience for our human users that we forget that web crawlers care about actual content rather than presentation. While SEO may seem daunting, implementing it is easier than one might think. Increasing your rankings with … Read more

Why is WordPress so popular?

You may have noticed that WordPress is powering so many modern websites (23% of all websites to be exact). WordPress can be found running independent blogs written by your neighbor, to notable brands like The New Yorker or BBC America. But why is WordPress so popular? Easy To Use WordPress is user friendly and intuitive … Read more

Learning to use the WordPress editor

The WordPress editor is where most content is created on a page or post in WordPress. The tools of the WordPress editor assist in adding images, formatting text, and organizing your content. Knowing how to use the tools will allow you to think about your content more professionally, and provide more engaging content. Toolbar Toggle … Read more

Website contact information: a key to success

Obtaining contact info is a common reason for visiting a website. By evaluating the needs of your visitors, you can strategically present your contact information for the benefit of people and search engines. Know your visitors and the type of contact information they commonly desire. The hours of operation are important for a local restaurant, … Read more

Tips for making ecommerce shop management easier

Managing an ecommerce shop requires staying current on a variety of topics. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to stay up to date on orders, stock, questions, comments, security, and content management. With the help of useful tools built for your ecommerce system, you can setup your website to make important data more accessible. With some … Read more

Add 5 New Ways To Get Customer Feedback

One of the most important things a business can do to improve is listen to customer feedback. Instead of waiting for the occasional compliment or customer complaint, you can be pro-active and add more communication channels to facilitate feedback. Here are five of our favorite ways that customers can get in touch online. 1) Forums … Read more

If You Don’t Know What Google Analytics Is, You’ve Been Hiding Under A Rock

When I perform a Google Search for “Google Analytics”, I see that there are over 101,000,000 results. That’s nearly twice as many results for the term “apple pie” at 44,300,000! From this metrics-based observation, we can conclude that “Google Analytics” is an extremely active topic on the internet and if you’re reading this blog, you probably should … Read more