An excellent choice for most projects

WordPress has come a long way in the past few years. Originally a platform for blogging, WordPress has expanded its milieu and now a full 16% of the internet uses WordPress. Large sites like CNN, EBay and the Wall Street Journal are run with the powerful Worpdress content management engine. Now WordPress is often used for editing pages, setting up menus, processing forms, and performing important business functions on websites. We at Watermelon have used WordPress for everything from one-page “Coming Soon” sites to complex e-commerce sites, database-intensive sites, and sites that access multiple sources of data from different repositories.

Worpdress has the largest repository of plugins of all content management systems, so they reduce development time significantly. That saves you money.

And of course WordPress is a blog for many people as well. It is still (in our opinion) the best blogging tool around.

Watermelon Web Works develops custom WordPress solutions for complex directories, custom e-commerce solutions, and just good-looking and functional websites.

Check out a few of our recent WordPress websites: